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Besafemeds takes today’s technology and applies it to healthcare to deliver a discreet treatment option for STDs. We store no identifiable data on our users. Once a determination is made that a prescription is needed and subsequently transmitted to the pharmacy of your choice, all identifiable data is purged from the system. Besafemeds is staffed by physicians and nurse practitioners following standard treatment guidelines for the two most common STDs (gonorrhea and chlamydia). In an ideal world, testing should occur before treatment. However, besafemeds is here for those who need or want a discreet and quick STD treatment option.

Discreet STD Treatment Online

Besafemeds (STD meets technology) is dedicated to providing a discreet STD treatment option to those who would otherwise choose no treatment. A consultation with one of our doctors or nurse practitioners is $50, plus the cost of medication from your local pharmacy.

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…..thanks again, everything's cleared up.


I don't have health insurance, so this was a great option for me to still get treated.

Jim A.

Quick, easy, and great way to help me avoid the long (and embarrassing) wait at the Doctor!

Jorge M.

It's never been easier to go from STD to STD-free.

Laura B.

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