“Let’s Talk” Month: Should Parents be Sex Educators Too?

Lets Talk Month

You’re sitting at the dinner table with your family about to indulge in the delicious casserole your mom made for dinner. Your parents are asking you the usual questions: “How was your day? What did you learn at school?” etc etc. Then suddenly… your mom starts asking you about your sex life. You drop your fork, freeze up, and contemplate bolting out the front door.

No one ever wants to talk to their parents about sex, right? The simple thought of it is cringe-worthy. But let’s take a minute to think about it. Should we be comfortable talking to our parents about sex? Should our parents be a reliable resource for sex education? And is there a right way to talk about it?

“Let’s Talk Month”

“Let’s Talk Month” is a national public campaign coordinated by Advocates for Youth that is celebrated throughout the entire month of October. It is a campaign that provides an opportunity for communities, businesses, religious institutions, schools, the media, and healthcare providers to plan programs that encourage healthy and appropriate parent/child communication about sex.

The fact is, not all parents are comfortable having these conversations with their kids. Or many want to, but don’t have the necessary resources to discuss sexual health. That’s why “Let’s Talk Month” is coordinated, to make talking about sex between parents and children easier.

Why Parents Should be Involved in Sex Education

Parents are the first sexual health educators in their child’s life. Therefore, they should play a role, along with schools, in the their child’s sexual education, and be able to provide information and resources to discuss sexual health and the risks of STDs.

There is the idea floating around that the only responsibility parents have in their child’s sexual education is having “the talk” with them when they begin entering their adolescent years.

The only problem with this is that sex education is a process, never just a one time “talk.” Parents and guardians should have many conversations about sex with their children that are age appropriate and timely. And having the RIGHT conversations is key. This includes knowing the facts about STDs, how they’re spread, and how to prevent them. We want young people to make healthy, responsible choices about sex. Therefore, they should have the right to open and honest, age appropriate information from a trusted adult.

At besafemeds, we believe your sexual health is a priority. Check out our tips for how to ensure your safe sex conversations go smoothly and as always, if you suspect you have an STD, contact us to receive discreet online STD treatment. 

For more information about “Lets Talk Month,” check out Advocates for Youth’s website.

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