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Mens Health Week 2017

Men’s Health Week 2017: Men Get STDs Too

People often associate STDs as a women’s health issue. If this is the case, then how come men account for over 90% of all primary and secondary cases of syphilis in the United States? And how have the rates of…

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Celebrating Harvey Milk Day

May 22nd is Harvey Milk Day, the globally recognized day to educate and celebrate politician and activist, Harvey Milk, and the good he did for LGBTQ rights at a time when discrimination was the norm and HIV/AIDs was severely affecting…

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STD Health Insurance Reports

How Do STD Tests Show Up On Health Insurance?

Sexual Health, Privacy, and You As the American Health Care Act (AHCA) moves on to the Senate, many people are afraid of what might become of health insurance. Amid all the questions of affordability, what constitutes a pre-existing condition, and…

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when to test for stds

To Test or Not To Test: That is the Question

Recently, I had two female patients come to the ER with STD concerns. They both had symptoms and possible exposure to sexually transmitted infections, but were very concerned about getting treated before leaving the ER. One patient asked, “do I…

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family equality day

How STDs Affect Families: Family Equality Day Edition

There’s a lot to celebrate this weekend – (Cinco Day Mayo, anyone?) but especially International Family Equality Day, and beautiful, loving non-traditional families. Family Equality Day was started by The Family Equality Council, which has been advocating for equality for…

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