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College is a time for growth, independence, and exploration. It’s a time for figuring out who you are and what you want out of life. And, as well all know, it’s also a time for having fun. Sometimes, a lot of fun.

Because let’s face it – STDs are a major problem. Especially among young adults.

The statistics are shocking. 1 in 4 college students will have had at least one STD by the time they graduate. Even more shocking is the fact that only 54% of college students regularly use condoms during vaginal sex. Let that sink in for a moment. Nearly half of college students are not using condoms for vaginal sex.

At besafemeds, we’re all about having fun. After all, you only go to college once! However, we want you to also be safe about it. While we’re an online STD treatment company, we don’t want to simply treat the problem. We want to help prevent it. That’s why we created the besafemeds pledge and have started the Besafemeds College Initiative.

The besafemeds college initiative is an on-site college outreach program geared towards spreading STD awareness and promoting safe sex. We’ll be visiting college campuses across the country to encourage open and honest conversations about sex in an effort to reduce the STD rates among college students. That’s where the pledge comes in.

The Besafemeds Pledge

Let’s face it, sex is all around us. Sex is a natural human activity that serves many physiologic and psychologic needs.  Nevertheless, there can be a few negative consequences associated with sex. We at besafemeds believe everyone needs to play a part in protecting themselves and others. So, let’s be smart in these days of swipe right dating by safeguarding ourselves and being in the know. Join the “besafe” movement by taking the besafemeds pledge.


I pledge to:

  • Love Myself
  • Love all Fearlessly
  • Practice Safe Sex
  • Get Tested
  • Get Treated
  • Understand NO means NO
  • Respect My Partner
  • Respect Others Sexual Orientation


In an effort to prevent the spread of STDs and promote safe sex, we ask you to take the besafemeds pledge and share it to encourage your friends to join the “besafe” movement. If you’re interested in bringing the besafemeds college initiative to your campus, visit our College Initiative page for more information.

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