Spring Break Hookups; Safe Sex on the Beach


While you might not be totally Girls Gone Wild, let’s be honest, the good times will roll on Spring Break (no judgments here!). We’d all like to think that we can escape the week without a handful of regrets, but doing so is much easier with some simple Spring Break hook-up safety reminders.

Hookup Safety 101:

Watch your alcohol consumption – Cover your drink to avoid being slipped something, and if you’re going to drink heavily, stick to what you’re used to! Be aware of how many drinks you’ve had and how many you can have before you throw all sensibility out the window and regret your decisions. It’s not surprising that “as many as 70% of college students admit to having engaged in sexual activity primarily as a result of being under the influence of alcohol.” Also, 60% of college women who are infected with STDs, including genital herpes and HIV, report that they were under the influence of alcohol at the time they had intercourse with the infected person.” So, just remember what’s at stake when you order up another round of Sex on the Beach for yourself and your friends.

Watch each other’s back – When you head out with your friends, you can expect to stay together, but we all know that expectations aren’t foolproof. Make plans to meet at specific times (ie. lunch at the pier at noon, wardrobe change at the hotel at 6:00). Use your phone to keep posted and check in with each other. Keeping a friend in the loop and knowing someone else is aware of the situation is a good way to ensure your safety!

Watch your sun exposure – Dehydration from too much sun can lead to sluggishness, weakness, dizziness, confusion, and more. So lather up in a high SPF, pack a cute hat and sunnies, take breaks in the shade, and chug a bottle of water in between drinks. Nobody wants to have a fling with a sleepy, puking, peeling lobster anyway.

Watch your own assets – We’re not just talking about your hotel key and personal belongings, but your physical ‘assets’ too. Think about it, what better place for a predator to find a victim than a crowd of out-of-town, drunk spring breakers who are really letting loose? And remember, “hook-up culture” or not, you don’t have to have sex with anyone. But whether you expect to or not, make sure you bring condoms (ladies, you’re responsible too!), don’t share your room key or location with everyone, and don’t abandon your beliefs about strangers with candy. Your sexual health is a valuable asset.

You Can Still Enjoy Your Sex on the Beach

There were more reported cases of STD’s last year than ever before, according to the latest report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The months surrounding Spring Break show a spike in STDs (in the words of The Onion: “STD Had Awesome Time on Spring Break”). And yes, Spring Break is basically the #1 holiday for casual hook-up culture.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t let yourself get friendly with hot strangers in the sun and enjoy your Sex on the Beach (It’s a tasty drink, you should be able to enjoy it, right?).

We understand that for a lot of people, ‘Spring Break’ is nearly synonymous with ‘casual sex’, so the case for abstinence is close to pointless. In fact, “opportunities to drink alcohol and to have sex have been shown to be the two strongest motivators for going on Spring Break trips and for choosing particular destinations.” Especially if you’re headed somewhere in Florida or Mexico, you can be sure that large amounts of alcohol and Spring Break hookups are on the minds of many in your company.

Wrap it up, use some discretion, and get yourself tested.

Condoms, dental dams, and other forms of birth control are obvious forms of prevention, but an STI test is also in your best interest. Before you go on your trip you should check to be sure you’re not spreading anything unwanted.  And if you come back from your vacation with a bit more than a tan and memories, BeSafeMeds will be there to help with discreet STD diagnosis and treatment in a quick and private process. Even with protection and safety reminders, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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