Spring Break, Sex, and STDs

Spring Break

The winter months are slowly coming to an end and you know what that means…Spring break season is upon us! Yes, it’s finally here! And we’re sure you’re more than ready to pack up your bags, soak up the sun, party on the beach, and leave all of your responsibilities behind you.

Although visions of fun, romantic flings and spring break hookups are inevitable, we’re here to give you a quick reality check: STDs are a huge risk during spring break season. Now, don’t get us wrong- we’re not trying to ruin your fun! We just want you to know the right way to have fun. So, before you enter into party mode and head out to your party destination, consider these spring break facts and tips that will help you stay safe and make the most of your 2018 spring break.

Why Is There a Spike in STDs During Spring Break?

There is a huge spike in STDs each year between the months of March and May, AKA “spring break season”. The Gallatin City-County Health Department has even reported that 70 cases of chlamydia were reported 10 weeks prior to spring break and 103 cases were reported after the fact. So, why the heck are STDs so prevalent during spring break, and how do you avoid them?

Unprotected Sex and Casual Hookups: Spring breakers are notorious for engaging in casual sex – often carelessly and without protection. And while many people remember to pack their sunscreen, beach ball, and bathing suit, they often leave condoms and other forms of protection off their list of spring break essentials. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) advises hooking up with a monogamous, uninfected partner and remembering to use protection, as it will help lower your risks for contracting and spreading STDs. However, we understand that you’re determined to live out your fantasy of a fun fling with that hottie from the beach. Just remember to use condoms while doing so!

Alcohol Consumption. As we’ve mentioned in our previous blog, a study showed that 60% of college women who are infected with STDs reported being under the influence of alcohol at the time they had intercourse with the infected person. And let’s be honest here… what’s spring break without alcohol? Alcohol slows down the brain and impairs judgment, which leads to a higher likelihood of participating in risky behaviors, like unprotected sex or sex with multiple partners. That’s why it’s important to monitor your alcohol intake. Please be smart about it – don’t drink more than you can handle and know your limits. And be sure to look out for your friends as well. When Becky has her sixth shot of tequila and wants to go home with Chad, talk with her first to make sure she’s in the right state of mind to be making that kind of decision.

Neglecting Safety and Avoiding Open/Honest Conversations. It’s easy to get carried away during spring break. Many people are so focused on partying and engaging in wild, risky behavior that they forget to consider the safety of themselves and others. It’s important to consider those around you, and show mutual respect by encouraging open and honest conversations. In the besafemeds pledge, we stand behind and encourage everyone to talk openly and honestly about sex, consent, and boundaries. Understand that no means no, respect the people around you, and don’t be afraid to discuss your thoughts and concerns.

There’s no reason STDs should keep you from having a fun and memorable spring break. Use protection, monitor your alcohol intake, and have each other’s back. In preparation for your spring break vacay, visit our FAQ to find the answers to your STD questions.

As an online STD treatment provider, we don’t just want to treat the problem, we want to prevent it. In order to do that, we’ve started the besafemeds college initiative – an on-site college outreach program where we travel to college campuses across the U.S. and meet with students to discuss sexual health and encourage open conversations about sex. If you want besafemeds to come to your campus, visit our college initiative page for more information!

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